Give me Liberty? Nah…give me stuff!

Who knew that George Lucas was such a savant.  I have been trying to analyse the election results ever since the election was called for Obama.  Despite how much I look at numbers and no matter how many analyses I hear, I keep coming back to Rush Limbaugh.  I truly feel that he has nailed it better than anyone else.  This is why Obama won:

You just can’t beat Santa.  Why would anyone want to have to work for what they have when they can vote in an administration that will take form the people that did work hard and give it to the slackers?

The saddest part?  There is one large minority group that should be conservative…but isn’t.  I’m sure that you have heard many, many national talking heads talking about how the Republicans can court the Hispanic vote.  Most revolve around some kind of amnesty package.  I’m not the first to say this, but here’s the cold, hard truth.  It didn’t work in ’86 and it won’t work today.  The best argument I have read about how to get the Hispanic vote came out just today:

A wonderful article written by Rachel Campos-Duffy, Hispanic wife of Sean Duffy, Wisconsin’s representative from the 7th district.  She states it far better than I ever could with a better perspective.

I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about the reports of fraud.  There are way too many to be coincidence and too far reaching to be insignificant.  However, the fact that less than 100k more people voted for Mitt Romney than did John McCain.  For all the talk of voter motivation among conservatives, the truth was far from the groundswell that we needed.

So, do we need to violently remake ourselves?  No.  Do we need to pander to minorities to get their votes?  Of course not.  besides, the liberals are much better at it anyway.  What we need to do is do a better job of showing why our beliefs are not only good for an individual, but for everyone as a whole.


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