Milwaukee County Transit shills for Obama administration

Since sometime during the afternoon hours of October 10th, the Milwaukee County Transit System has been providing what they call a “community service” to all their riders and potential riders.  What is that service you ask?  Free rides for the poor?  No…  Additional concessions to disabled riders?  No…  What could that be?  Well…it is this:

Img0001_10-11-2013Now, my first thought was that perhaps they were getting some “free” federal dollars to promote ObamaCare.  So I asked them through their Twitter account (@RideMCTS).  Here is what I asked and the response:

Twitter - InteractionsOk…pardon my bad grammar ( I should know better…oh well), but it seems that this was their own idea.  I guess everyone is entitled to reap the benefits of that crappily run site.

I guess I really shouldn’t be surprised.  Milwaukee county is the second most liberal county in the state.  But what I keep coming back to is…Why?  Is there ANYONE in the county/city that DOESN’T know that ObamaCare is in force?  How many billions have been spent on ad campaigns, political campaigns, and media blitzes?  Is there really someone out there who is waiting at a bus stop and sees this and says, “DAMN!  Really?  I can get health care just by calling this phone number?  WOW!”  Does MCTS really have to be another mouthpiece for the Obama Administration?  They can’t control third party app issues with their route schedules (see earlier conversations on their Twitter account), bus drivers who seem to think the rules of the road do not apply to them (I could go on for DAYS with the things I have seen), or bus drivers who seem to think that they are just there to talk to other drivers, but by golly, we need to get the word out on ObamaCare.  It’s not even like they are trying to cover their own asses by trying to justify the millions spent on relatively unused bike racks with this from last year:

Img0001_10-05-2012I mean, CYA is a well know strategy to every one of us.  The ObamaCare thing though…I don’t know.  Maybe it’s the union bus drivers wanting to provide a unified front.  Who knows?

I can hear you already.  Yes, there are other, way bigger things to worry about.  This will be forgotten shortly after they stop doing it.  I know, but the thing is…if we don’t stop the little stupid things, what right do we have to try to stop the big, important, stupid things?

Yes, businesses are free to advertise in whatever ways they wish.  It is also my right to point it out when those ads are bad, misleading, or even harmful.  That is the real point of this rant.  If you only see one side of an argument, you might not know until it is too late that you made an poor, uninformed decision.  I think ObamaCare is a massively bad idea.  It’s expensive.  It is poorly managed.  You also have no choice…it’s the law.  A law that needs to be changed.


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